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Rock Awards 2016 Nominees and Winners

If you are a Winner on this list and DID NOT Receive your award, please email with your category and name.

Up and Coming Artists are 20 years old or younger as of December 31, 2015

Up and Coming Artists

Up and Coming Solo Performance

Austin Young - Winner

Jacob Cade

Paige Temple

Kristi Hoopes - Winner

Penn Beldock

Sydney St George


Up and Coming Duo Performance

Up and Coming Guitarist

Facing West

Foolish Sounds

Katie Luchtenberg & Amelia Morris - Winner

Cody Templeman - Winner

Jaden Carlson

Paige Temple


Up and Coming Bassist

Up and Coming Drummer

Andrew Evans

Bailey Raymond

Loren Hardy-  Winner

Sabrina Meiklejohn

Jason Kaplan - Winner

Mike Rosenberg


Up and Coming Keyboardist

Up and Coming Male Vocalist

Loren Hardy - Winner

Andrea Mcleod

Zach Wandishin

Austin Young - Winner

Jacob Cade

Jacob Larson


Up and Coming Female Vocalist

Up and Coming Band Original/Cover/Tribute

Abbey Shaw

Caitlin Powell

Kristi Hoopes - Winner

Fools in the Rain - Led Zeppelin

Our Generation

Over The Castle (The Blush Band) - Winner


Up and Coming Sound Engineer

Ethan Kotel  - Winner


Adult 21+ - Bands with more than 80% of members 21+ are put into the Adult Category

Album of the Year

Song Of The Year

Blind & Blues Bound - Dr Izzy Band - Winner

No Strings Attached - Mojo Medicine Show

Virtue and Vice - Hornbuckle

Bird of a Feather - Hornbuckle - Winner

December - Timothy Lee Huston

Thrill of The Ride- Patrick Dune


Original Christmas Song

Global Eye Song

Heavy Metal Christmas - M&R Rush - Winner

Merry Christmas Baby - The White Family

Share The Magic - Ric Cabot Podmore

Race Against the Sky - Kelly Moneymaker - Alaska - Winner

Remember When - Stone Horse - California

Silent Night - Ted Aukerman - Oklahoma



Solo Performance

Michael Hornbuckle

Scotty Brown

Timothy Lee Huston - Winner

Beth Williams

Scotty Brown

Steve Crenshaw - Winner


Duo Performance


Ben Puchalski & Megan Tritsch

Mojo Medicine Show

Stage Hawgs -

Brian Hornbuckle / Peter Fletcher - Winner

Kirby Velarde - Winner

Scotty Brown

Steve Crenshaw




Brian Hornbuckle - Winner

Jeff Andrews

Susan Phelan

Bobby Diamond

Joey Shapiro - Winner

Tracy Brinkley



Brass Player

Andras Csapo

Joe Sellars

Steve Bender - Winner

Adam Bartczak

Paul Fabrizio

Scott Sessions - Winner


Woodwind Player

Male Vocalist

Andrew Vogt

Kelly Sheridan - Winner

Nathan Peoples

Cody Qualls - Winner

Michael Hornbuckle

Timothy Lee Huston


Female Vocalist

Global Eye Performance

Erica Brown

Kate LeRoux

Wendy Woo - Winner

M&R Rush - Chicago Area

Seven Eleven - Netherlands - Winner

Stone Horse - California


Original Rock Performance

Cover Band Performance

Dark Red Sky

Patrick Dune and The Desert Hearts - - Winner

The Jacob Cade Project

Sisters of Rock

Vivid Black

Wild Mountain Honey - - Winner


Alternative/Pop Rock Performance

Instrumental Performance

Adrienne O - Winner

Rachel & The Ruckus

Rock Doctors

Adam Rey

Danny Masters - Winner

Musical Mindset


R&B/Soul/Funk Performance

Rap Performance

Hot Lunch - Winner

Jacob Larson Band

Phat Daddy

Axe Murder Boyz

Krazet Montoya - Winner


Country Performance 

Jazz Performance

Michael Scott Band - Winner

Union Gray

Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts


Hazel Miller - - Winner

Jack Hadley


Christian Music Performance

Blues Performance

Of David

Random Hero

Scott Powell  - Winner

Dr Izzy Band

Hornbuckle - Winner

Yellow Dog Blues Band


Reggae Performance

Metal Performance

Burnt Lips - Winner

Judge Roughneck


Autumn Burn

Flood of Souls

Horse - Winner


Live Tribute Performance

Music Video

Black Ice - AC/DC - Winner

Dreamboat Annie - Heart

FourEver Fab - Beatles

Dark Red Sky - Coming Home - Winner

Facing West - Anchor

Michael Morrow - Dirty Little Love Song


Global Eye Music Video

Producer Of The Year

Black Angel - I've Got My Eyes

on you Baby

M&R Rush - He's a Different Breed

of Kat - Winner

Seven Eleven - Disco Wasn't

Good Enough

Anne Freeman

Eric Singer

Ric Cabot Podmore - Winner




Recording Studio

Indoor Music Venue

Colorado Sound - Winner

The Blasting Room

The Spot

@Cheers - Winner

Herman's Hideaway

Little Bear


Outdoor Music Venue

Music Teacher

Fiddlers Green

Hudson Gardens

Red Rocks - Winner

Adrienne Osborn - Winner

Dr. Scott Martin

Matt Flaherty


Sound Engineer

Lifetime Music Achievement Award Recipient

Brother Rob - Winner

David Tash

J.P. Manza

Chris Daniels

Hazel Miller - Winner

Scotty Brown

  • Chris Daniels


  • Hazel Miller


  • Scotty Brown