Mission Statement

There has been some negativity towards The Rock Awards. Most of which are not true or have been spun out of control. Again here is the meaning of The Rock Awards.

The whole mission is to build the Colorado Music Scene. When you are nominated, a link to your music is posted. People who have never heard of you can now explore what you have to offer. There now is no fee to Nominate. You can only nominate once but may nominate ALL categories. This is to avoid a nominee having their family and friends sitting on a computer and continually nominating them for an hour. Charging a small fee creates "real" nominations, there was 5 years of research behind this, but some people found this as an outlet to spread scam rumors. We are not giving in to the haters, but have removed the ammuniton for them to cause problems for the rest of the music scene, It does not create a scam nor are The Rock Awards a scam. Rumors of the 2016 have been circling, and that is all they are, Rumors.

The top 4 nominees will move to the voting round. There will not be a charge for the voting round, but you must vote for every category. Why? Because if you just voted for your friends, you are not learning anything about the rest of the music scene in Colorado. You can save your form and return to it later. If there is someone in a category you never heard of, you can click on their link and learn about them and hear their music.

The mission of The Rock Awards is to honor musical achievements and support and grow the Colorado music community. To bring awareness to the public and the World of the special music family that resides in our beautiful state. When you only vote for musicians you know you're not learning anything about the other musicians we have in Colorado. All the nominees are played on Raven on the Rock. There is also a link to each of the musicians. That is why you have a month to vote. You can vote for 2- 5 categories a day,save it and return later.

Sure they don't care about it now but wouldn't it be awesome if some metal head stumbled across some blues and loved it or vice versa. : )

The Rock Awards was envisioned in 2011 after Raven on the Rock local radio launched. Raven learned of the talented musicians in Colorado and was determined to grow the music scene. The Grammy Awards and the Peoples Choice Awards were combined to create The Rock Awards.

Seven years of planning have gone into The Rock Awards. The Rock Awards will expose incredible talent in Colorado to the World, the Country and also to the State of Colorado. From youth musicians to seasoned veterans of the Colorado music scene.

There are also 3 categories called Global Eye Talent. Raven on the Rock plays a song each show from around the country and around the World.

Please feel free to email info@therockaward.com with any questions.