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Nominee Music 2017
  Baby Rock - Michael Hornbuckle
  Dave Mensch
  Gone - Nancy Hubanks
  Let's Do This Thing - Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene  
  Lydia Pastore   Maple Street - Daniel Velarde
  Over The Castle
  Mojo Medicine Show

  Scotty Brown
  Soul Repo - Michael Hornbuckle
  Steve Crenshaw
  Ticket Home - Andy Kong - Berkeley, CA
  Tony Dollar
  When It Rains - Daniel Velarde
  The Hot Lunch Band
  Kate LeRoux
  Nancy Hubanks
  Hannah Crouch

Sarah Snead
  Rachel and the Ruckus
  Adam Rey
  Buckner Funkenjazz
   Jacob Larson
  Matt Spinks Trio  
  Union Gray
  Jack Hadley
  Of David
  Dr. Izzy Band
  Teledonna   Wild Card

  Autumn Burn

My Blue Sky (Allman Brothers Tribute)

  Citizen Dan (Steely Dan Tribute)  
  Melody Monroe
  Jeff Bostic  
Rachel Jane Johnson

  Wild Mountain Honey  
  Kinky Fingers   Jasco Duende
The Bryan Thomas Band

  Harrold Rapp III  
  Burnt Lips
  Evermore (Led Zeppelin)  
Ball Bearings - The Symbols

The Pilot - Prism Palace

  Compromise - Prism Palace  

  Guild of Ages  
Shotgun Lullaby

  The Anchor  
Rush Archives

  Jake Edwards  
Taylor Scott Band

  Sea Level to Mile High - MetByFate  
Open Window - Johnny Got Rox

  The Lovely In-Betweens  
Tough - Johnny Got Rox

  Blue Collar Rejects  
Come Back Anyway - Blue Collar Rejects